Pre-workout supplements and powders get all the attention, but it is easy to forget that coffee is the best and most simple pre-workout drink. Although it is obvious that coffee can increase your energy, this is not the only reason to drink it before going to work. Coffee can have many other benefits, including the ability to increase your energy and prevent you from getting into a sweat.

Fat Burning

Coffee is known for its ability to burn fat like a furnace. One cup of coffee contains 60 to 100mg of caffeine. Once caffeine is absorbed into the body, it increases metabolism and begins to mobilize fat. Caffeine can also be used as a stimulant. This means that it stimulates the central nervous system, which then sends signals to fat cells for burning fat.


A pre-workout benefit of coffee is the increase in adrenaline. The adrenal gland releases adrenaline, which is a hormone. It is a hormone that increases strength in a short time after it has been released. You will be able to lift a lot more weight and do more repetitions of any exercise because of this quick energy boost. This is why you should have coffee before your workout to help you stay motivated and do more sets before heading back.


Endurance runners will also find coffee beneficial as it reduces the body’s improve sleep with right sleeping positions need for glycogen. Glycogen, the body’s stored energy that is depleted and worn out during exercise, is what you call glycogen. Glycogen is lost and muscle fatigue can result. Caffeine helps delay its consumption. Instead of decreasing glycogen burn rate, the body uses fat to store energy. This phenomenon is known as “glycogen sparring”. When glycogen is available, muscles work longer. This allows for longer running sessions and more calories burned.


Glycogen sparring is also useful for extreme, short-term exercises. Another great benefit of caffeine is the lowering in lactic acid. Because of the depletion in glycogen, lactic acids starts to build up and cause burning sensations during exercise. The lactic acid in your muscles is responsible for the burning sensation. Pre-workout coffee can reduce the sensation of burning.

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