With all the hubbub going on regarding the future of the Model S, and its effect on electric vehicle technology, most investors have overlooked one of the most important car manufacturers in the world – Tesla Motors. This company is a fascinating one, with its very own unique technology – not unlike the Lotus brand – but it also stands out in that it doesn’t quite fit the mold of an ‘innovative’ car company. While many of the latest supercar concepts are undoubtedly going to be ground breaking, Tesla Motors manages to keep its stylish, sleek design, and innovative engineering features intact. In fact, it’s apparent that Tesla Motors is more about maintaining its status as a well-kept secret start up, rather than creating some truly ground breaking electric vehicle technology. However, despite all this, it has managed to increase its market share, thanks largely in part to its effective marketing and PR campaigns.

The company recently spent a significant amount of money on hiring a large number of advertising experts, to get its name and image out there. It also spends money on research and development, helping it to develop its own autopilot ‘Tesla Autopilot’ software program. For investors interested in buying into this business, a key concern when buying into Tesla, should be whether or not you can ride along for the ride. Unfortunately, there’s really no way to tell how long the Model S will last, because it was probably never going to go public. But we can get a better idea about the short and medium term performance of this carmaker by taking a look at its stock price and the way in which it’s been behaving since it went public. Since the company took its initial financial investment in full and launched two new vehicles in the last 12 months, it has consistently outperformed its automotive peers.

Even with continued growth in sales and new vehicles, analysts still rate Tesla as overweight in relation to their competitors. While other carmakers are struggling to make money, and are forced to turn to bankruptcy in order to survive, Tesla have managed to expand their customer base, and continue to enjoy higher gross margins. In fact, the Model S is currently out selling many luxury and high-end cars like the BMW 5 Series, Mercedes Benz E Class, and Audi A7. This stock price, when compared to other leading automobile brands, makes it appear that investors may indeed be onto something and are waiting for the rest of the story. Even if you’re not ready to make a full-on, long-term investment into the Model S, you may still want to look at the other stocks of this well-known tech firm. The Experts car is part of the overall suite of Tesla, and they have been making steady gains in market share over recent years. If you’re already holding Tesla stock investments, you may want to consider the second position in this company.

The long-term trend for TSLA stock price is up, and as such, it’s harder to get an accurate picture of what the short-term price of this stock will do. This makes it difficult to make a reliable prediction on whether or not the current price reflects the real value of the company. As such, the best advice for now may be to stay invested in the short-term, and wait for more reliable information before putting your money in the gasoline and insurance industries. If you want to know more information relating to releases of TSLA, you can check at https://www.webull.com/releases/nasdaq-tsla.

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