The pzt transducer utilizes the principles of piezoelectric effect to function properly. When you apply mechanical stress or an external force to some material, they tend to produce electric voltage. The notary voltage can be measured with the help of voltage measuring tools which can later be used to measure the force or stress.

Things The Transducers Should Undergo

The materials used to measure should possess some considerable properties such as:

  • High output,
  • Stability,
  • Insensitive to the extreme temperatures,
  • Humidity
  • The ability to be formed or mechanized into a certain shape.

None of the material that exhibits piezoelectric effect possesses all the features mentioned above. The piezoelectric effect was discovered in the year 1880 by Jacques Curie and Pierre.

What Materials Exhibit The Piezoelectric Effect?

Some of the materials that exhibit the effect of piezoelectric include polarized barium titanate, ammonium dehydrogenate, Rochelle salt, quartz, and ordinary sugar, etc.

The piezoelectric crystals are the ones that have the high impedance so that they can be connected to the amplifier as well as the auxiliary circuit that can cause problems in the measurement. To reduce these errors, the high input impedance and long cables are supposed to be used.

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