There are many factors to consider that can reduce the number of accidents affecting your fleet such as portable speed bumps for example. Here are some tips that will help you achieve this goal:

Involve Your Managers

Driving to work is the most dangerous activity your employees will ever engage in, and it contributes to more accidental deaths or serious injuries than any other work activity. An accident can directly impact your business operations, so you must highlight the benefits of developing a risk management strategy on the road.

Road accidents can lead to:

An increase in your insurance costs

Immobilization of your vehicles

Decline in productivity

Sick leave

Unrealized sales

Inventory loss or damage

And more

Generating your employees’ interest at your company’s highest level will make it easier for you to implement the next steps in your road accident reduction strategy.

Write A Road Awareness Policy

If your employees have to drive as part of their job, you should write a road safety awareness policy. This must concern your vehicles, drivers, and their use. The language must be simple and direct so that the objectives are well targeted, emphasizing how these must be achieved to reduce accidents. This document will be the pillar of your risk reduction policy and must be visible or readily available within your company. This should cover topics such as:

Personal responsibilities

Distracted driving caused by the phone

Drugs & Alcohol

Driver behavior

Route planning

Road condition

Health & Wellness

Emergency procedures

    Receive Accurate Information

    To reduce your accident rate, you must be aware of all the events that have affected your fleet.Every accident that has taken place must be recorded and listed – not just insurance details but also the type of route the driver has taken, the duration of the journey, whether the vehicle has been recently inspected to ensure the safety of its drivers, and more.For some fleets, it is best practice to ask the driver for details of the accident directly after the accident. A system such as fleet management software can provide a platform for storing and consulting all this information on demand.

    Benchmark Other Fleets

    To assess your accident reduction strategy, comparing your company’s risk management with that of other similar companies is useful.By performing this method, you can also share your ideas and discuss their effectiveness with your fleet management peers.

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