There is a perfect storm in the making, both nationally and globally. It has significant implications for work over the next decade. It includes a number of factors that vary in importance, pace, and importance. Although it may seem overwhelming, these are all factors organizations should address. They are going to make or break an industry or company’s success.

In my previous posts I discussed the following trends which have implications for organisations and, in turn, for leaders at all levels within organizations. As society continues to age the demographics are also changing. The majority and minority terms of the 21st-century will change, especially in America. The U.S. is home to four generations of workers. Higher education will be more important in order to have the required skills in the workplace of the future. Technology continues to change and grow at an alarming rate. Employee engagement continues to rise in importance, particularly during these turbulent economic times. The constant nature of change means that organizations must continue to evolve in order to remain competitive and adapt to the constantly changing environment. Leadership and leadership development are becoming increasingly important for organizations’ success.

Organizations are trying to keep ahead of their competition by embracing all these new trends and changing times. Organizations are being forced to look back at how they plan to move forward in these fast-changing times by technology and globalization. Society must have realized that there is no way to say that nothing will happen. This is especially true in the early 21st century. We have seen many changes in society, technology and globally since 2000. These are things we likely didn’t Jason Hare Financial even consider in the last 20 years.

Leaders at all levels will need to ensure that their organization’s strategy is being developed. However, they also need to establish a human capital strategy which supports and encourages these changes. If they ignore any one of these, organizations run the risk of missing out. How organizations deal with this perfect storm is the challenge.

In this changing environment, it is crucial to remember the critical role of your Jason Hare Financial. Employees don’t leave companies, managers do.

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